Brenderson Connection - Anderson e Brenda

Exercises to improve connection between two people.

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Anderson and Brenda unique way of dancing is based on several physical and philosophic concepts , that creates an opportunity for anybody at any level, to have deep and transformative connection experiences through dance.

Along these 10 years of partnership, one of the concepts they went deeper since the beginning is connection. First of all, elements to have a better communication of lead and follow, physically and mechanically, and later on, they dive deep into elements of emotional and energy connection, including vulnerability, mindfulness, tantra and other elements into their studies.

So in this course, they will share their experience providing a structure of exercises that might help a couple, or a partnership or even just 2 friends, to learn how they can develop, play and explore connection, using dance and a simple structure of steps to train the pshisical, mechanical, ludic and sensitive aspects of connection.

***It is only possible to enroll in the course while there's sessions open to registration.